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Revolutionize Your Business

Use the "Revenue Calculator" (to the right) to forecast future potential profits.

Using the "Revenue Calculator" to the right type in the number of machines you would like to own, the number of mists per day that you would like to receive, and a price per spray and then hit "Calculate".

Prevent sun burned customers while generating extra revenue. Keep customers healthy and at your establishment longer with Sunscreen Mist: Automated Sunscreen Application Vending Machines.

Each machine may be operated as a vending machine accepting cash, coin, credit card, and keycard/RFID in any country worldwide.  Each machine may also be set to forego the payment system which allow users to protect their skin with the mist (events, festivals, or as an amenity). No attendant required.

Sunscreen Mist machines are also ideal for corporate branding, marketing, and promotion.