Applying Sunscreen Has Never
Been This Much Fun!

What is Sunscreen Mist?

Sunscreen Mist patented sunscreen application machines provide a convenient and
effective skin care solution in the fight against the world wide epidemic of skin cancer.

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Sunscreen Mist Spray Machines

Sunscreen Mist Sunblock Spray Booth Vending Machine

Spray Mist Booth

Automated, self-contained, self-cleaning, walk-in sunscreen spray booth. Features dual application of Sunscreen Mist skin products.

Sunscreen Mist Sunblock Dual Spray Vending Machine

Spray Mist Dual Station

Self-serve portable sunscreen spray machine. Features dual applications of Sunscreen Mist skin care spa products. User applied.

Sunscreen Mist Sunblock Spray Vending Machine

Spray Mist Single Station

Self-serve portable sunscreen spray machine. Features single application of Sunscreen Mist skin care spa products. User applied.

Sunscreen Mist Lotions

Sunscreen Mist features an exclusive line of FDA Approved spa lotion mists, blended fresh in small batches, to ensure the most luscious and refreshing spa products. Choose from Mango-Coconut and Lemon Eucalyptus or create your own custom fragrance. The result is as unique as your property.
Sunscreen Mist SPF 15 & SPF 30 Lotion Label

Anti-aging/Anti-wrinkle formula enriched with moisturizers and skin nutrients. Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Provides nourishment to skin and conditions hair. Water resistant.

Sunscreen Mist Cooling Aloe Lotion Label

After-sun cooling mist Aloe with healing Aloe Vera is enriched with Bio Essential Complex including 20 herbal-plant extracts. Anti-wrinkle formula rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

Sunscreen Mist Tan Accelerator Lotion with SPF 15 & 30

Rich moisturizing, Anti-wrinkle formula includes Unipertan for faster more efficient tanning and provides the darkest tan possible. UV absorption for deeper, darker tanning results.

Sunscreen Mist Insect Barrier Mist Lotion

Repels mosquitoes, ticks, gnats and other annoying pests for hours. Organic Insect Barrier does not contain DEET, or any other petroleum derived chemicals, pesticides or neurotoxins.

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Sunscreen Mist automated sunscreen application vending machines.
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What They're Saying About Sunscreen Mist on Social Media

  • I wish our country club had some of these machines, it would be perfect for the golf course and the pool.

    Lance SandlerMonterey, California
  • Rushing out of the house to go to the zoo, we just forget [to put sunscreen on the kids]. We found it very convenient... it's a great idea.

    Larry StephensSeminole County, Florida
  • Your product is amazing Tony! I have used the Sunscreen Mist, the Insect Barrier Mist, and the Tan Enhancer. Each one works great, is not greasy feeling and has a very pleasant smell. I cannot wait to see it put in place in more venues. This machine belongs in every theme park and Zoo across the country. It will save a lot of people from burns and bites so they are able to enjoy a full day at a venue.

    Debra YagerColumbus, OH
  • We like that we do not have to carry sunscreen everywhere with us now, and our kids love having their sunscreen misted onto them!

    Adam & Becky HamilFort Lauderdale, Florida
  • The coconut aroma of the SPF 30 makes me feel like I'm on vacation!

    Stacey NesterChicago, Illinois
  • The Insect Barrier w/SPF 30 is better than any insect repellant I've ever tried.

    Alan ActonPortland, OR
  • I hate rubbing sunscreen all over my body, and my kids especially don't care for me or my wife rubbing it all over them either, however the booth makes applying sunscreen fun, easy, and convenient.

    Keith LevinVernon, CT
  • I loved my Sunscreen Mist experience! I like that I do not need to carry sunscreen everywhere I go, but rather just step into the booth to get my sunscreen, step out, and let the sun shine on!

    Morgan ClarkeWilmington, DE
  • Sunscreen Mist is absolutely great, and really quick!

    Clifford HarrisDenver, CO
  • Sunscreen is a necessity, and these machines make applying SPF 30 easy, quick, and enjoyable.

    Leslie HansonNashville, TN
  • It was so quick and easy!

    Jessica LancerTulsa, OK
  • We enjoyed this very much. I hope for them to arrive in Europe soon.

    Nora FerenczyAustria
  • The machine is easy to use and covers my whole body with sunscreen, and I love the actual mist!

    Cynthia MetiaFire Island, NY
  • Sunscreen Mist is fast and efficient.

    Dean SmithLas Vegas, NV
  • Such a great idea, why didn't I think of this!

    Chris WattsColumbia, SC
  • Our kids loved being sprayed inside the booth, and we like that their whole body gets covered.

    Garrett HooverLouisville, KY
  • My kids loved being misted with Sunscreen Mist SPF 30!

    Heather SpectorAustin, TX
  • The Sunscreen Mist Capsule is so fun to use, and it only took seconds to protect my whole body!

    Sandy LinusScottsdale, AZ
  • Great machine, I wish we had these in Romania.

    Pietro PuskaRomania

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