Manufacturers of Patented Sunscreen Application Machines

We are on a mission to halt the progression of skin cancer around the world

Founded in 2006, Sunscreen Mist has been the world leader of automated patented sunscreen-spray Stations & Booths. Sunscreen Mist spray-on sunscreen machines make protecting one’s skin quick, easy, and convenient for all ages.

Spray-on sunscreen machine’s are profit centers and guest amenities that send a message of safety and concern to guests. Each spray-on sunscreen machine allows the customer to choose from the Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 & SPF 30 Sunscreens, Tan Enhancer, Cooling Aloe, and Insect Barrier w/SPF 30.

Sunscreen Mist spray-on sunscreen machines can increase revenues for many outdoor businesses.

Sunscreen Mist and its suppliers have put their extensive experience in the travel, hospitality, skincare and manufacturing industries to manufacture sunscreen spray systems that are:

• Profit centers that do not require an attendant

• Customizable, so the exterior fits in a variety of settings

• Easy for buyers to set-up, maintain and promote

• Quick, easy and fun for users of all ages

• Send a message of safety to your customers

• Extremely durable

Sunscreen Mist sunscreen spray booths and sunblock spray stations are revolutionary amenities, corporate experiential marketing tools, and profit centers.

Ideal locations include:

Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Ships

Theme Parks & Water Parks

Country Clubs, Golf Courses & Pools

Outdoor Events, Concerts & Festivals

Campgrounds, Summer Camps

Construction/Labor Sites

Beach Concessions

Luxury Residential

Corporate Events

Ski Resorts


In the U.S., one person dies every hour from melanoma and the numbers of skin cancer cases has risen dramatically. As we continue to educate the public about ways to reduce their risk for this deadly disease, it is imperative for Americans to have access to the most innovative and effective sunscreen products available.

Wendy Selig, President and CEO of the Melanoma Research Alliance

Meet Our Team

  • Josh Kaplan
    Josh KaplanCEO

    Josh Kaplan is the CEO of Sunscreen Mist, and his responsibilities include business development, growth and integration. Josh is an entrepreneur with an expertise in many facets of business. He started off as a Sales Manager at CompUSA and ran one of the top 10 stores. In the past, Josh was the Vice President at CAC Automotive Mfg. He is the cofounder of SLI Automotive. SLI is a multi-sector manufacturing distributer, which is projected to do More than $14 million in revenue in 2015. He serves on the board of directors for Kids Kicking Cancer, a charity that is very close to his heart.

  • Tony Fayne
    Tony FayneFounder & President

    In 2006, Tony Fayne founded Sunscreen Mist after a close friend at a young age was diagnosed with skin cancer. Tony was inspired to help find a way to make sunscreen more accessible and convenient. As Founder & President of Sunscreen Mist, Tony has grown sales significantly in the U.S. and internationally. Formally Tony was the business development manager for CIG Corp. and brand manager at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars of Troy, Bentley Troy, Lamborghini of Troy, Bugatti of Troy, and Maserati of Troy, where he received top salesperson honors for two consecutive years.  In 1999, Tony founded Capital Event Productions (CEP), a corporate event planning company that produced themed events in support of charitable causes.

  • Darryl Kaplan
    Darryl KaplanChairman

    Darryl Kaplan is chairman of Sunscreen Mist, and he is responsible for driving business development. In the past, Darryl served as CEO and founder of Cuzzens Credit Bureau & Real Estate Services. During his time at Cuzzens, he was awarded the Experian Business Compliance award from 2003-2005. In 2010, Darryl founded MedVend, at which time he was responsible for business growth, development and integration. Darryl has served as a chair on the Pediatric IBD Foundation for the past 2 years. Darryl is also a sponsor of JARC, and the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

View Our Sunscreen Spray Products

Spray Mist Booth

Automated, self-contained, self-cleaning, walk-in sunscreen spray booth. Dual application of Sunscreen Mist skin care products.

Spray Mist Dual Station

Self-serve portable sunscreen spray machine. Features dual applications of Sunscreen Mist skin care spa products. User applied.

Spray Mist Station

Self-serve portable sunscreen spray machine. Features single application of Sunscreen Mist skin care spa products. User applied.

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