Looking Back: Sunscreen Mist on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

How do you sum up an experience like being on Shark Tank? It’s much more difficult than you’d think! Standing in front of the Sharks, putting everything on the line – all your aspirations, foundations, blood, sweat and tears out there for them to chomp on, you’re not really sure what you’re feeling, or how you may feel.

Looking back, the entire Sunscreen Mist team is incredibly grateful for our time on Shark Tank. Standing in front of such prominent and successful business leaders was an eye-opening and inspirational journey for us. It required us to look at our business through a microscope and think very critically about what we needed to take our company to the next level.

To receive praise and constructive feedback from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world is an opportunity we could have never imagined. We are truly appreciative of the advice and input we received from the Sharks during our pitch.

There are many updates we made to our machines and prototypes because of their comments. One of the improvements we found extremely accommodating was the addition of nozzles to our booth, which eliminates the need to turn during application. We’ve also updated the Sunscreen Mist Spray Booth design and construction to one piece instead of two, eliminated the step up to enter the booth and included T.V. screens on the outside of the booth for additional advertising opportunities. Armed with the Shark’s advice and insight, we are incredibly confident in the future of our products and machines.

Thanks to Shark Tank, Sunscreen Mist has been placed in the national spotlight. We’re very excited for what the future has to hold for our team, products and company.

Josh & Tony

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