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Sunscreen Mist Dual Spray Station

Self-serve, dual sunscreen spray application machine


Interactive Display Screen (optional) – Self-brand awareness and commercial revenue opportunities

Two Lotion Mist Choices (included) – SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50, Insect Barrier with SPF 15/30, Tan Accelerator, or Cooling Aloe

Payment Options (Included) – Coin or cash

Payment Options (Optional) – Credit card, key card (room key) & RFID compatible to POS system

High Capacity Quiet ASMS Pump System

Durable Aluminum Fabrication – Provides personal safety, system durability and guest comfort

Custom Graphic Design (included)

Illuminated Activation Buttons


Insert coins, dollar bills, credit card or key card into the payment accepter

Press “Start/Pause” button

After “Start/Pause” button is pressed, you will have approximately 10 seconds to use the spray-wand to protect your exposed skin areas (legs, arms, neck, face, head, etc.)

PAUSE – At any time you may press the Start/Pause button to pause the spray session, and it may be un-paused by pressing the Start/Pause button again

Re-apply every 80 minutes


24 volt pump is safe for outdoor environments and meets all safety codes

Approximately 170 .75 ounce mists per gallon

Plugs into 110V and 240V outlets

5’ tall x 3’ wide x 2’ deep

Two lotion choices

Weight = 160 lbs.

Choose From Our Other Sunscreen Mist Spray Machines

Sunscreen Spray Mist Booth

Automated,self-contained, self-cleaning, walk-in sunscreen spray booth. Features dual application of Sunscreen Mist skin care spa products.

Sunscreen Spray Mist Single Station

Self-serve portable sunscreen spray machine. Features single application of Sunscreen Mist skin care spa products. User applied.

Sunscreen Mist Lotions

Sunscreen Mist features an exclusive line of FDA Approved spa lotion mists, blended fresh in small batches, to ensure the most luscious and refreshing spa products. Choose from Mango-Coconut and Lemon Eucalyptus or create your own custom fragrance. The result is as unique as your property.

Anti-aging/Anti-wrinkle formula enriched with moisturizers and skin nutrients. Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Provides nourishment to skin and conditions hair. Water resistant.

After-sun cooling mist Aloe with healing Aloe Vera is enriched with Bio Essential Complex including 20 herbal-plant extracts. Anti-wrinkle formula rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

Rich moisturizing, Anti-wrinkle formula includes Unipertan for faster more efficient tanning and provides the darkest tan possible. UV absorption for deeper, darker tanning results.

Repels mosquitoes, ticks, gnats and other annoying pests for hours. Insect Barrier does not contain DEET, or any other petroleum derived chemicals, pesticides or neurotoxins.

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